Self-leveling LIQUIDFILL mix is the modern, environmentally safe and efficient way to assure quality backfilling on your next project. The flowable mixture of cement, fly ash, sand and water offers significant improvement over traditional soil or granular backfill materials. LIQUIDFILL is a cost-effective, one-person job with no spreading, compacting or testing required. LIQUIDFILL is usually placed in one pass - a huge timesaver for deep cut backfilling. In addition, the self-leveling feature assures complete backfilling under utilities, with no voids and no cracks from settling.

You can specify LIQUIDFILL in guaranteed strengths to meet your jobs requirements, such as structural fill under roads, slabs, pipes or footings. It is also ideal for abandonment projects, and to fill unused storage tanks or sewers.

Surveys indicate that improper backfill is the number one complaint of Public Works Directors. LIQUIDFILL’s fast setting time and ease of excavation is making it more popular with State Departments of Transportation, Public Works and utility companies in place of compacted soil in backfilling trenches.

Even in unstable soil conditions caused by groundwater or wet weather, LIQUIDFILL is easily installed without requiring a fleet of concrete pumps with placing booms. And there’s no need to clear a path for mixer trucks because our pumps reach more than 150 feet to place LIQUIDFILL in trenches tunnels or sewers. With LIQUIDFILL you can even backfill areas inaccessible to ground level equipment by using pipeline connected to our pumpes.

LIQUIDFILL is all about cost savings, speed and no callbacks.

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