Pervious Concrete

Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is one of the most promising trends in concrete and sustainable building practices. Because pervious concrete contains no fine sand, water passes through the concrete matrix. This promotes filtration of heavy metals, suspended solids and even petroleum products. As these materials pass through the pervious concrete and its recharge bed, they are filtered and are not allowed to runoff into storm sewers, rivers and lakes. 

In addition to capturing and treating storm water, pervious concrete creates less non-permeable surface areas and thereby can assist in earning LEED points. Pervious concrete also promotes tree growth, lessens the heat island effect, and recharges aquifers. Because it can eliminate the need for storm water retention ponds, pervious concrete improves land management.

Many cities are now beginning to assess residents and businesses for storm water runoff. Pervious concrete may provide tax credits in these instances.

Cemstone is a pioneer in the development and testing of pervious concrete in the upper Midwest. Contact us to learn more about pervious concrete and its many applications.

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