Mahtomedi Public Works

Community Municipal: Mahtomedi Public Works

Mahtomedi Public Works

PROJECT NAME:    Mahtomedi Public Works
LOCATION: Mahtomedi, MN
CONTRACTOR: Artistic Concrete Design
OWNER: City of Mahtomedi
CATEGORY: Community Municipal

Quantity of Ready Mix used: 100 cubic yards of Cemstone pervious concrete

Mahtomedi’s new Public Works building is situated above a sensitive wetlands area. City leaders, together in consultation with the Washington Conservation District, made the decision to construct a pervious concrete parking lot for the facility. Pervious concrete is one of the hottest trends in concrete and sustainable building practices. Because pervious concrete contains no fine sand, water passes through the concrete matrix thereby promoting filtration of heavy metals, suspended solids and even petroleum products. The pervious concrete and its recharge bed serve as a filter that prevents such materials from becoming runoff that pollutes rivers and lakes. 

Other environmentally advantageous consequences of pervious concrete use include that it promotes tree growth, lessens the heat island effect, and recharges aquifers. And because it can eliminate the need for storm water retention ponds, pervious concrete contributes to improved land management. The surface is also found to be less likely to form ice making it a more pedestrian friendly choice for a parking lot or walkway.

The Mahtomedi site features a 4-foot deep base of aggregate material. The pervious concrete itself is five inches deep. After pouring and finishing, McTech Ultra Cure Blankets were placed over the surface for a period of seven days to facilitate curing and eliminate water runoff.

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