Liquid Color

Integral Liquid Color

Cemstone is the first Minnesota ready-mix company to offer concrete with integral liquid color. With liquid/integral color the color is added to the concrete at Cemstone’s ready mix plant while the concrete is still wet and being mixed. This ensures that the color you want is evenly distributed throughout the concrete and that your next batch of liquid color concrete will match the previous batch.

Cemstone uses the Liquid Color System - This single-source system features computerized integral liquid admixtures with fully automated proportion formulas. The result is beautiful, consistent colored concrete batch after batch.


Important Note: Colors shown on this website are approximate. Due to shade variations associated with individual color monitors and printers, we suggest utilization of our literature request form to review an actual Color Chart, which may be obtained from your Cemstone Representative. We strongly recommend that a test slab be poured and approved prior to starting the job. Test slabs should be poured replicating jobsite conditions.