ARCTIC-CRETE™ concrete mixes are a proprietary family of products that transform your everyday mixes into cold weather mixes. The key advantage for you is faster setting times. This means reduced labor requirements and maximum productivity on your job sites. Based on the cost for concrete finishers, your savings could be substantial.

For example, on a commercial slab six finishers are typically needed for a 100 cubic yard slab. By saving close to 2 hours in set time, the contractor’s labor savings is substantial.

Winter Safety

Cemstone recommends that concrete not be poured when, at 6:00 a.m. on any given day, the national weather service reports that the ambient temperature is below 15º F and / or when the wind chill factor is below -25º. This is to ensure that the best quality outcome, and the safest possible working conditions for all employees. This is especially important on concrete placing job where a pump is involved.

For more information click here to view Cold Weather Concrete Guidelines.

20-Degree Rule

Set times are doubled for every 20º F drop in temperature. Concrete cured at 50º F will take twice as long to set as concrete cured at 70º F. You can also contact your Cemstone Account Representative.