Cramer Residence

ARM Award Winner: Cramer Residence

Cramer Residence

PROJECT NAME:    Cramer Residence
LOCATION: Minnetonka, MN
ARCHITECT: Paul Thomas Design Inc.
CONTRACTOR: Paul Thomas Design Inc.
ENGINEER: Ulteigh Engineering
ICF INSTALLER:  Michael J. Gresser, Gresser Companies
OWNER: Pat & Sharon Cramer
CATEGORY: Large Residential ICF

Quantity of Ready Mix used: 5,000 cubic yards

A large ICF home that is a perfect example of how all homes should be built. This home shows Paul Thomas Homes continued dedication to the ICF construction practice. Paul Thomas Homes has been designing and constructing homes with ICF construction for over 8 years now. This home was featured in the Spring 2008 Parade of Homes with over 2000 visitors during the Parade. This is one of 65 homes from the Spring Parade to actually sell and a main reason being the ICF construction. ICF construction maximized the design possibilities of a narrow lot allowing the layout to capture and maximize the lot view of Lake Minnetonka, sun exposure and slope of the land.

The ICF construction allowed the residence exterior shell to be constructed during the winter months. The strength of concrete allowed Expansive window openings to maximize the lake views. The strength also allowed oversized walls to handle the hydrostatic pressure of the earth below grade. The porches were constructed with span-crete and later stamped with concrete this design feature was made possible options and strength ICF construction allows.

This is one of the larger ICF homes built this year. The home sold in a depressed market due to the features and benefits ICF construction offers. The Reward walls systems offer flexibility of design, energy efficiency, mold resistance, safety, sound proofing, strength and durability. Most importantly this home is a perfect example of all the design characteristics that a Paul Thomas Home offers.


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Cramer Residence