Luxury Radison Blu Hotel

Luxury Raddison Blu Hotel

PROJECT NAME:    Radisson Blu Hotel
LOCATION: Bloomington, MN
CONTRACTOR:    Mortenson Construction
Bulach Custom Rock
TOTAL CUBIC YARDS: 19,500 cyds

6000 PSI Post Tension Decks
(Including corrosion inhibitors at the parking levels)

4000 PSI Slab on Grade
(with fiber reinforcement, Lightweight concrete for Skyway to the Mall)
ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE: Plaza & walkways, polished interior & concrete countertops
KEY COMPONENTS: Cemstone Engineering Services, Operations & Placing Services

The luxury Radisson Blu hotel with royal blue electric lighting and modern design ushered in a new era for expansion plans at the Mall of America, becoming the first nearby hotel to be linked by skyway to the mall.

The opening of the 13-story, 500-room hotel came at a time when the Bloomington mall was proceeding with a $225 million construction project that aimed to add upscale retail, lodging and entertainment venues.

The cast-in-place elements of this project included 8000 psi columns & shear walls at the parking levels which incorporated a corrosion inhibiting admixture (a tougher mix to place in the summer months), 6,000 psi post tensioned parking decks, 4000 psi slab on grade with fiber reinforcement and lightweight concrete for the skyway deck connecting the hotel to the Mall of America. Cemstone's Engineering Services Group designed the pumpable, customer-friendly, performance-based mixes for necessary strength achievement to meet the project's schedule.

Architectural concrete which incorporated Cemstone's Stoney Isle and Black Ice integral color, was designed and placed by Bulach Custom Rock for the hotel's main entry and walkways. In addition, Bulach polished the first and second floors, main lobby stairway and placed concrete countertops in the bar area.

Cast-in place concrete was the material of choice for this project due to limited site laydown areas. The concrete deck placements were placed with Cemstone's fleet of concrete pumps and often started at 3 a.m. to have placements completed when the freight deliveries and customer traffic started to arrive in the mornings. Cemstone's Dispatch Center and Operations groups were key to assuring the success of the placements' strict completion times.

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