Edgewater Park

Edgewater Park-Pervious Concrete Paving

PROJECT NAME:    Edgewater Park

Marshall and Lowry Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN


North Country Concrete

OWNER: City of Minneapolis Parks Department

Quantity of Ready Mix Used: 120 cubic yards

Edgewater Park in Minneapolis was designed to be sustainable, with prairie grasses and native plants chosen for their reduced maintenance and ability to capture storm water runoff.  Pervious concrete, a mixture that allows water to pass through the concrete matrix and treat storm water, was a perfect choice for this city park along the banks of the Mississippi River.

Pervious concrete also promotes tree growth, lessens the heat island effect, recharges the aquifer and reduces the need for storm water retention ponds.

This is the first commercial use of pervious concrete by Cemstone, the contractor and designer. During the design phase, Cemstone assisted in writing the project specifications as well as familiarizing the architect and contractor with the product. Cemstone also provided a test area at one of its facilities for NCC to experiment with and test the product.

The park’s pervious walking path also features integral blue color to symbolize the rivers of the Twin Cities, proving that pervious can be both decorative and sustainable.