Carlyle Condominiums

The Carlyle Condominiums

PROJECT NAME:    Carlyle Condominiums
LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN
ARCHITECT: Humphrey Partners Architects, Opus Architects & Engineers Inc

Opus Architects & Engineers Inc.


Opus Northwest Construction LLC

OWNER: Several Condominium Owners

Quantity of Ready Mix used: 40,000 cubic yards

Quantity of Aggregate used: 34,000 tons

This 39-story project features multiple engineered concrete mixes: from 100 psi flowable fills up to self-consolidating 6,000 and 8,000 psi high performance concrete. The project was placed by pump, and slab mixes were re-engineered to provide pumpability, consolidation, and early strength at various stages through the 39-floors of construction. The self-consolidating wall mixes minimized the labor costs associated with placing.

Concrete interior and exterior walls reduced sound transmission between individual units, increased heating and cooling efficiency, and improved the structure’s fire rating.  In addition, the 6th floor pool deck and community-gathering area’s aesthetics were enhanced with colored and stamped decorative concrete.

The Carlyle Condominiums utilized the full capabilities of Cemstone’s Engineering Services, Operations, Dispatch and Placing Services teams. And strong collaboration  between Opus and Cemstone kept the project on schedule.

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