Aldi Foods Distribution Center

Aldi Foods Distribution Center Large Parking Lot

PROJECT NAME:    Aldi Foods Distribution Center Parking Lot
LOCATION: Faribault, MN

Gresser Companies

OWNER: Aldi Foods

Quantity of Ready Mix Used: 13,000 cubic yards

All Aldi Distribution Center’s paved areas use concrete to handle the high traffic loads while reducing maintenance costs.  In addition, the lighter colored pavement results in a reduced heat island effect and lowers Aldi’s cooling costs for their refrigerated and frozen food storage areas.

This exterior parking lot project consists of approximately 470,000 square feet of concrete paving. –including the main truck areas, employee parking areas and building entrances. The pavement itself is 9-inches thick with dowel baskets placed every 15 feet.

The majority of the project was placed in a five-week period with the use of a laser screed. Since the interior and exterior slabs were being placed at the same time, logistics were critical.  Cemstone utilized the output from three concrete batch plants, including an onsite plant, to supply the project at concrete rates exceeding 200 cubic yards per hour.