CAPX2020 - Bulk Non-Shrink Grouting

LOCATION: Belle Plaine, MN

Aldridge Electric

NON-SHRINK GROUT: Bulk Non-Shrink Grouting

The non-shrink grout phase of the project had numerous transmission lines that span the flood plain of the Minnesota River near Belle Plaine, MN. These particular structures were to be "wrapped" with non-shrink grout several feet above grade.

The project consisted of approximately 60 yards of non-shrink grout. Typically, non-shrink grout is provided in 60# bags. This option wasn't viable on this project due to the volume of grout required. Cemstone and TCC collaborated to implement mixed products by providing 3000# bulk bags of non-shrink grout to be mixed into Cemstone's Ready-mix trucks.

Due to the potent nature of the non-shrink grout mix design, hauling the non-shrink grout from the concrete plant would not allow adequate time on-site. The only option was to deliver the dry product to the job site, haul tempered water in a ready-mix truck and add the product on-site which would allow more time for placement & final set.

The bulk bags were lifted and emptied into the ready mix truck. The drum was then used to ensure proper mixing and consistency. The non-shrink grout temperatures ranged from 68°F - 74°F. The air temperatures ranged from 0°F to 28°F at the time of placements. The forms were pre-wrapped with thermal blankets to maintain the heat of hydration and prevent freezing for a minimum of 3 days after placing.

Ultimately, TCC Materials provided 74 bulk bags of non-shrink grout for this project. Numerous 3-day test results exceeded 5000 psi. Many 7-day results were from 7000 to 8000 psi. This project was a huge success due to Cemstone & TCC working in tandem with one goal in mind. The project manager of Aldridge Electric was very pleased with the product, the coordination of placement crews, and test results of sampled material. TCC and several departments within Cemstone pooled their resources to make the project a success.

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