Large Commercial ICF: Cinemagic Theatre

Cinemagic Theatre

PROJECT NAME:    Cinemagic Theatre
LOCATION: Burnsville, MN
ARCHITECT: Theodore E. Knapp/Sean Gibbons, TK Architects, Inc
CONTRACTOR: Jeffery Engelsma, Engelsma Construction
ENGINEER: Gregory J. Duerr, Structural Design Associates
ICF INSTALLER:  Michael J. Gresser, Gresser Companies
OWNER: CineMagic Theaters
CATEGORY: Large Commercial ICF

Quantity of Ready Mix used: 5,000 cubic yards

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The CineMagic Atlantis 15 theater exhibits a sense of grandeur and drama due to the architectural design & use of EIFS & tall stone-clad ICF walls - both easily incorporated due to ICFs. The theater owner ultimately chose ICFs because they were looking for an alternative to precase panels.

ICFs provided the structural strength needed, while providing the inherent performance benefits such as high STC ratings, high fire ratings and faster occupancy due to the ease of installation.


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Cinemagic Theatre